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You'll Never Thought That Knowing Microblogging Could Be So Beneficial.

You'll Never Thought That Knowing Microblogging Could Be So Beneficial.

What Is Microblogging?

It’s an online medium/platform where people can share their views, thoughts and ideas in fewer words or paragraph. It could be in the form of audio, video, GIF, and files.

Some famous Examples of Microblogging:

Most Popular example of Microblogging sites is twitter where people can share their opinions and thoughts in the form of tweets. Apart from Twitter there are so many Microblogging platform such as Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Posterous, Dailybooth, Frienfeed, Pinterest, reddit, apsense, whatsapp.

### Difference between traditional blogging and Microblogging?

In Microblogging people can share their opinions without writing lengtheir words upto (100-150 words) but in traditional blogging the Author can write limitless words, specific topics for targeted community and audience.

  • Microblogging keeps on updated but traditional blogging depends on webmasters according.
  • In Microblogging user’s can track every activities time to time but in traditional blogging depends on Authors need.
  • Traditional websites promotes their websites for commercial, sales and advertising and marketing purposes but Microblogging hardly or doesn’t do that.

### How you can start your own Microblogging site?

Zenerally People ask how we can start their own Microblogging site people who don’t know anything about programming languages like html, css, Javascript just download WordPress it’s a free third party software by this you need not to write any code and there are various Microblogging theme which I’m gonna tell you.There are various themes are available on wordpress but I’ll tell you all time best themes.

p2 theme Pulsepress Dwpixel Scopic Norebro Acmeblog Conversate theme.

Note: All I have mentioned above are free on wordpress site.

### Why Microblogging site Beneficial over traditional web sites?

All of the above it could be beneficial because people checks their messages time to time even when the whistle blows up they check their phone status, messages, so you can earn a good amount of money because people’s are continuously visiting you on regular basic while traditional bloggings are specific to subject it covers the all aspect in length, you need not to check every time.

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