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How To Earn Money Online by playing games.

How To Earn Money Online by playing games.

There are Hundred thousand ways to earn money online.

How to earn money while playing games and answering some questions as prediction.

There are thousands third party app Available on play store which is free but I’m going to share some applications by which not only you will have fun but earn a big amount of money just by prediction (yes I’m talking about sixth sense) upcoming in cricket matches as well as playing arena games like merze mania, fruits ninza, etc.

1. Loco:

So the first app is available on play store Loco not only you can win huge amount of money but also you can directly withdraw to your account. There are two payment methods available on this app first is through paytm and another one mobikik. Even you can transfer single penne directly to your paytm account. Here is the screen shot of the game

2. Qureka Live Quiz and Brain Games.

This app is also for making money online while playing games as well as matches prediction and many more in this app you can earn coins by watching advertisements then you will be able to play arena matches and prediction games. Every evening 9 pm to 10 pm you can earn a big amount of money by answering 10 questions if you are really good in general knowledge and politics or you are being a bank aspirant or preparing for SSC This app will really help you.So here is the link for this game which is free on Google play store

3. KIKI:

It’s an online platform where you can show your skills basically this is a platform where you can create your contents and publish them you do not need to owe your own website they are giving you platform for free in return they will give you money after reaching thrashold frequency is $75 before this you cant withdraw you money although before installing read all terms and conditions before.Download this app if you have a passion for Blogging.

4. Taskbuks

This Game is Available on play store as you can see quite good rating 4.2 out of 5 and 10M+ Downloads Available Right Now. You can play Quizzes,instant games, either complete some task or Refer with your friends to get money. The biggest advantage of this game is you can use and convert your coins to paytm cash and free Recharge. As you can see the rating on google play store.

5. Top Quiz:

This is another fun and earning game available on Google Playstore 3.9 rating out of 5 with 50k reviews and 1M± Downloads it also let you win paytm cash by playing Quizzes, daily contest, refer and win , spin wheel and some puzzles like True and False,Riddles, logos, basic Math and much more. If you are Bollywood enthusiasm you can play puzzles guess the actor,guess the movie,guess the characters and for cricket enthusiasm it gives sure chance to earn Jackpot.

6. Roz Dhan:

Roz Dhan is another fun level game Downloaded by 10M+ users the current Rating is 4.2* free available on Google Play Store it clains india’s best free game for money making. I’m quietly impressed by this game because unlike other games you can earn money by walking and like other games it has action, adventures games, puzzles, quizzes and for the first time it gives you 25 rs as a bonus. You can withdraw your money through Paytm and it gives extra check -in gifts.

7. Tago:

I can assure you it’s legit and big entertaining game available on Google Play store with 4.0 rating and 100k+ downloads. There are 50+ mini games available right now and also some interesting quizzes about word, biology, politics,sports,history,animal,nature and general knowledge. Also it provides festival games like xmas, new year and gives you reward. you can withdraw money through paytm.This is the Link.

8. Google Opinion Rewards:

You can get this app from paystore it’s completely free although this is not a game but you can earn money by filling suryeys at the end of the suryey google will give you money although you can’t transfer this money to paypal and paytm but you can use that money on Google Play store to purchase some items and gives you discount on some purchases. Some rules and regulations are updated on their website.


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