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How to choose a perfect Niche for Publishing Website

How to choose a perfect Niche for Publishing Website

Writing A Good Niche Could Be A Hectic Work To Do If You Are A Newbie But It Totally Depends On Your personal Interests And Passion. More You Research On Internet More You will Get Confused, Zenerally People Will Tell You To Follow Your Passion But one should Focus On Some Evergreen Topics which have been Making Great Potential On Market to Earn Money. So You Should Always Remember Some Points Before Writing Niches.

Some keypoints before writing good niches:

  • Name Of The Niche.

  • It Should Be Lurecative so that one can easily pay users attention.

Content Length:

  • atleast 1200 to 1500 Words) per Topic.

Lucid And Understandable Language.

  • Don’t use too much passive voice.

Pictorial Representation:

  • so that users can easily understand what you want to say.

  • Always use GIf’s for user’s entertainment.

  • Include Videos/audio in an Account Of Subject Matter.

Note:A Good Writer Always Make Sure Cover Everything Which I Have Mentioned Above.

So today I will give you some Evergreen Niches which can assist you starting a new blog.

How To Earn Money Online:

There Are Billions Videos On Internet, YouTube Everywhere Saying That Fill This An Excel Sheet, Complete This survey And They Charge you Money In The Name Of Registration Fees But later you Figure It out Was A Trap You Regret and it Was A Waste Of Time But Being a Good Author you Should Always Suggest Some Valuable Website Links So That Your Followers Can Trust On You and tell them there is no shortcut to earn money you can help them how to make your own website and how you can earn money.

Health And Nutrition:

Its also vast field billions of questions being made on Google how to get in shape to look better. Today’s zeneration is very cautious about their health so why don’t you start with Health Related Problems, dieting, nutritions. And Yoga could be individual Topic to cover your healt blog also you can make your own website about online medicine and get a physical store and earn money from it.

Travel and Tourism:

Who don’t want to Sail To the End of a World If you have a personal interest on Finding new historical places or discovering new places then you can start your own vlogging and let others see what you see. It would be adventurous for you as well as others. You can post reviews about different places like Top 10 things you should know about Tajmahal or what are best sports in Bali? These topics always attracts viewers and engage them with your topics.

Fashion Blogging:

Clothes and Fashion never obsolete they only disappear for a time being but again come back as a new fashion it’s an iterative process. So you can start you own blog about movies reviews and celebrities their(houses, income upcoming Events And Movies).


As you can see New Technologies are emerging fast most of Niches Are Often About Technology So You Can Give Reviews About New Smartphones And New Products And Gadgets. Or You Can Write About Programming Languages Like Why Python Is Best Programming Language In 2019 or Java vs c++ Which Is Evergreen? you can see many famous getting tons of money just posting some good articles you can write to there are lot of topics like digital marketing, search engine optimization, what is microblogging etc.

Government Jobs:

In an India 75% of young Zeneration searching for government jobs everyday and the percentages are going on. There are some famous websites like freshers live and free Govsjobalert.in have a great possession on the internet. Writing about this blog you need not content writing and search engines optimization just copy paste advertisements from their official websites and you are all set.


If you wants to capture every moment in a frame and that’s make you happy you can start your own photography blogging. also if you are passionate about it try to engage more people from your community/network and also you can setup your your own business and if you would lucky enough people will call you to hire you for their wedding ceremonies.


There’s always say:


You Can Write Reviews About Some Famous Restaurants And Give Reviews About Some Famous Cuisine like Italian cuisine, Oriental and Indian cuisine and cover the Beverage Part As Well.

Micro Niche:

As name suggests micro niche’s very specific about a particular subject/niche. For example if i wants to make a micro niche website about seo then my keywords research would be like this.

  • What is Seo?
  • Types of seo?
  • How to implement it on serp to rank first.
  • What are the the different types of seo tools?
  • How user’s get benefit from seo?

final Conclusion:

So basically these are the topics that i’ve mentioned above strictly stick to one specific subject by this you can get huge number of visitor’s because they are aware of target subject/matters. even though a traditional niche side can cover as much possible niches which is important to cover for targeted audience. So before creating a micro niche website one should Focus on a vast subject in which you can write atleast 50 articles. Then research some keyword and then apply it to your website.


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