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What should you buy console or pc ?

What should you buy console or pc ?

When we talk about gaming everyones head turns out. A gamer can tell you that the Right gaming pc has a powerful durability and ability to customize but at the same time consoles(xbox,ps4 etc) have ease of use and powerful inbuilt integration makes it different. So let’s talk about different aspects which looks symmetric by configuration but different from software and hardware’s perspective. pc can be used for blogging,waching videos, listening audious, programming and for multi purpose uses but consoles constraints to gaming and only watch streamed contents from cloud applications.

The common factor’s that differs console over pc games?


The pc can have better graphics than consoles, some popular gaming laptops like Alienware has Nvidia Gforce Gtx graphics card and comes with intel processor are especially designed for gamers. the average pc can run 4k resoultion at 80 to 100 Fps frame per second moreover powerful gaming pc can go to 100+fps. On the other hand ps4 can run 4k resolution at 30 to 60 fps. It wouldn’t exaggerate to say its a double of console in terms of graphics. What makes pc superior it’s random access memory RAM, their powerful graphics card and hardware.these three essential plays vital role to make a system superior.


Pc wins over consoles.

Pricing, maintainence and backward compatibility :

Some popular pc like alienware laptops are more expensive starting prices ranges from $1299.99 on the other side you can get consoles in $200 - $500. If i talk about maintainence your laptops/pc has software operating system upgrades as well as hardware upgrading and comes with warranty card you can resolve it by any third party technician but its not like in the case of console probably you would be burnt out with the damage also consoles doesn’t support backward compatibility.


consoles win this Race.

Backwards compatibility:

console developers are always more focused on introducing new system to compete with other brands once new device introduces to market the old one gets obsolete. The old one becones inferior and it’s possession deflated from market and probably you have to invest more buks for upgrading or changing your device. On the other side pc has great ability to run graphics and some high end settings without interruption and inteference And just one time investments needed.


pc wins over consoles.


Consoles are much comfortable to carry anywhere than pc because its easy to carry anywhere and play games with your friends only what you need joystics.


consoles wins over pc.


Pc requires more interface understanding than consoles. sometimes you could ruin your whole gaming fun just pacting up multiple .exe file and other files. Consoles have great accessibility in terms of you don’t need to patch up and wrap up everything that supports your integration that builts-in with consoles. Also it gives continuous update and seamless experience to users. No-one can come between you and your interface.


Definitely console wins .


Simply durability means how long your gaming system will last. Thanks to Sony, Nintendo and microsoft that makes a great consoles for gamers, their durability and inbuilt integration gives seamless experience on the other hand pc has high graphics cards, more powerful graphics can reduce their peak time,although some branded gaming laptops like alienware has cope up with these problems and even coming with great cooling system.


pc wins.

Gaming Driver:

like pc, console can also upgrade their internal storage however console has a limitations that can be upgraded to 2.5 inch drives.


pc wins over consoles.

Final Thought’s:

doesn't matter what system you buy playing games matters.(this's author's perspective) if you dont agree please revert and comment below.

Thankyou for Reading

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