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The Reasons Why We Love The Digital Marketing Industry.

The Reasons Why We Love The Digital Marketing Industry.

Nowadays many Organizations are focusing on Digital Marketing Campaign To Gain Business Growth And New Inovative Ideas.The digital Marketing plan is incomplete without good quality content, it’s basically focuses on creating,planning,quality of content and also generate a new Leads to enhance Brand Awareness.

What is digital marketing?

When i say Digital the one thing hits our mind that’s Internet (world wide web) as we all know about marketing its an advertisement of any products,services etc. it could be in the form of online or offline here we’re talking about digital mediums like social media, Emails, world wide web, websites, and by SMS.

Why Digital Marketing Is So Important?

The Emergence Of Digital Marketing Campaign Has Changed The Traditional Method Of Marketing, you can easily reach the targeted audience or community and easily pay their attention without any expenditure. Today the concept of shopping has changed,more and more people wants to buy from online store this might be due to various reasons such as to save their valuable time, with less prices as compared to the products available in the physical store. Many Companies Rely On Such Digital Marketing Concept To Stay Ahead In A Highly Competitive Business Environment. It’s Not Exaggerate To Say Digital Marketing Emphasis On Various Social Media Tools To Maintain A Contact With Word Wide Audience.

we can categorise online digital marketing in the form of :

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Pay per click (PPC)
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Social media marketing (SMM)

Search engine optimization (SEO) ?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Basically its a technique to rank up your website in SERP(search engine result page). You can increase your website visibility through organic results and by paid results.now question may arises what’s organic and paid results. As i already discussed content is a king the more powerful qualityful content you will write, possibility of landing your web page on googles firstpage would be increased. So without paying nothing to google you can land your website on googles first page this is called organic results or unpaid results. And come to other point that is paid results is what we pay google to landing our page on googles first page. Paid results always comes prior to organic results. We can easily distinguish between paid and organic results.paid results always start with ad(advertisement) before its website name at it’s extreme left corner. Ex. as I’m searching about digital marketing here i will show you both results.

Also We can categorise seo, these are following :

1. ON Page SEO

2. OFF page SEO

ON page SEO:

On page seo focuses everything on its content like keyword density, keyphrase length,researching keywords, meta tags and backlinks . Basically we focuses these points on our webpages.for example if we writing about digital marketing then we should focuse on meta tag description by this when user search related to digital marketing then meta tag description show your page if your meta tag description is matching to user’s search result .

Off page SEO:

Off page seo also called off site seo. Unlike on page seo it determines what you have done “off page” it focuses on link building backlinks, social media marketing (SMM) and guest post.

Also called inbound links or incoming links. When one website links another website is called backlinks. How you can create qualityful backlinks? According to googles penguin algorithm while practicing black hat seo you can get punished and banned from days to months or years or forever.

  • By Finding broken or dead links.
  • Corner store articles can help you to create backlinks. some are great paid or free website to check broken links.
  • By commenting on Guest post write good articles on others post so one will definitely check your website to find great content.
  • By creating community and focus on your audience interest.
  • Ahrefs is great website for guest posting and search your taffic.
  • Even you can improve your page rank by “XML SITEMAP”

Xml Sitemap?

First time google introduced Sitemap in 2005. By sitemap.xml you can identify your websites url (uniform resource locator) rank up your webpages visibility on serp and also ensure indexing of your website. Basically these are a files of uniform resources locator in the form of .xml extension. Xml file can give you information about your websites and optimize your webpage effectively.

XML Sitemap Example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<urlset xmlns="http://www.sitemaps.org/schemas/sitemap/0.9">

You can create and check your websites site.xml

Pay per click (PPC):

pay per clicks most common channel of ppc is google adwords as name mentioned mentioned you have to pay to google adword per click which is advertising with them by this you can drive huge traffic to your website.

Email marketing?

We see day by day emergence of email marketing emapcting our day to day lifestyle by just one click we can know what the specific brand giving what, Most of the companies uses email marketing strategy to draw their user’s attention to promote their brand awareness to give benefits of loyalty program or letting know their user’s that they are offering new coupons or discounts.

Strategy to draw users attention on Email marketing

Know your community whom you send to concern email. Outline your email marketing range/boundry. By newsletter. Its necessary to have great and relevant content to sending Receipt.

Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a advertising programme that gives commision to you after selling their products on your website. Each products has different commision percentages.

There are so many affiliate program they are following :

  • Amazon Associates.
  • Awin affiliate program
  • Ebay partners program .
  • Maxbounty affiliate program
  • Shopify affiliate program .
  • Clickbank program .
  • Tradedoubler program.
  • Rakuten program.
  • Leadpages Partner program .
  • Flexoffers program.
  • StudioPress Affiliate program.


so by selling their products on your website you can earn decent amount of money but it need hard work and selection of good products keep in mind users demand.

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